Race Update!


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Thank you for your patience, Martians, as we continue to work our way through a totally unprecedented situation for our event, and the entire world. We know what a frustrating time this has been for everybody!

We’ve worked with all appropriate parties involved and we are excited to announce the new date for the Martian Invasion of Races, July 25th, 2020! We hope you’ll still choose to join us July 25th for an out of this world summer morning! For those who are already registered and choose to participate in the 2020 Martian Invasion of Races we will waive any transfer fee if you choose to change distances. We know a date change may mean a change in your training! You have time to make that decision so try not to immediately overwhelm our e-mail. Transfer fees would be waived, but switching to a longer distance would still require paying the difference in price. If you're registered for the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon or Individual 1.2 Mile and you can still participate on July 25th NO ACTION IS REQUIRED.

FULL MARATHON AND MILKY WAY 26K PARTICIPANTS: PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAIL. The 26K format has changed, and we are no longer able to offer a Full Marathon. You will find your options in your inbox.

EVERYBODY ELSE: If the new 2020 date does not work for your schedule but you still want to be a part of the invasion on your own time we will offer (FOR 2020 ONLY) the option to participate virtually! The virtual race can be done any time at any location! Shirts and medals would be mailed to participants the week following the physical event. There would still be virtual results and we would send out a link to submit results closer to race day.

If the 2020 date does not work for you and you are feeling iffy about participating virtually, we will allow deferrals to the 2021 Martian Invasion of Races on April 17, 2021. If you transfer distances in 2021 transfer fees will still apply.

For those who are still going to join us in 2020, thank you! We can't wait to see you out there. If you would like to change your registration to a virtual registration, defer to 2021, or make additional changes to your Milky Way or Full Marathon entry please fill out THIS FORM by June 1, 2020. After June 1, 2020 all registrations will be solidified as "participating in 2020."

Thank you all so much for your support of RF Events. We appreciate all of your patience while we navigated this ever-changing crisis.

Stay safe, healthy and isolated!

Your Faithful Ground Control Crew!



Registration will open again when we have a new date!



Hail Earthlings:

Why the Martians?  Click here for the illustrated story. Earth marathons have strange themes, with your flying pigs and your convoluted, NASA-calculated encounter projections. Our finest Martian philosophers and theologians are working tirelessly to compose our own (as you call it) "trash talk", which we will shower upon you most mercilessly once our planet's runners prove victorious in winning all the races and snagging all the prizes.

We also noticed the course map is now on your website. Using the MSA's (Martian Space Administration) spatial-relationship viewer, we see your course is free of dust and rock, perhaps a solid surface. It could be quite fast … interesting. Time will tell who ends up kicking whose …

The USATF certified course, is traffic free and fast. The  Kids' Martian Marathon will encourage health and fitness to children, check out the Martian Kid's link. Hope to see all of you there!


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