1:50 Pacer

Hong Weng (South Lyon, Michigan)

HongWeng 18Pacer cropped

Hi, my name is Hong Weng. I live in South Lyon, MI. I was born and raised in Mainland China, but I have lived in MI 20+ years. I started running as a junior in high school. It was a great way to make new friends and improve my English. Since high school I have completed 40+ Marathons up to 100 km. I started doing triathlon five years ago, now I have completed four full Ironman and six half ironman distances.

Most memorable run or race:
Run: The Hong Kong 100k in 2016, it was ice and freezing rain in Hong Kong never in my wildest dreams that could happen. After running continuously for 22 hrs, only few miles left to the home stretch the trail was icy I could not run and had to sit on my butt to slide down the hills.  Even coming from Michigan with all the winter running, I was almost defeated by the severe weather conditions...Luckily I finished the race under 24hrs with few minutes to spare. My goal was to finish under 24hrs.
Race: Ironman Mont Tremblant in 2017. It was a perfect day for racing and weather conditions.  There were so many friends were there competing or spectating. They were cheering me on out on the course. I had a good swim, great bike split and awesome run and finished the race in 12:35:59. My goal was under 13 hours. That was a really awesome feeling to achieve my goal, I enjoyed every moment of it and love training :)

Favorite post-run beverage:
Chocolate milk, if available. Otherwise, water is good.

The song, mantra, or quote that you turn to when the run gets tough:
If I keep eating, I better keep running. Run to eat and enjoy life.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

2:00 Pacer

IRWAN SALIM (Plymouth, MI)
IrwanSalim200pacerSome of you might recognize me from pacing with Hong (1:50 pacer) for the last 4 years. I started running in 2007. I love traveling and am a part time athlete (runner and triathlete) and food lover. One of my life goals is to run at least one marathon at places that I have never been before. So far, I have finished: 14 marathons, 59 half marathons, 1 Ironman and 5 half Ironman races. I am still chasing my goal to finish the big 6 marathons (I have London and Boston left).

Most memorable run or race:
Everywhere in nature.

Favorite post-run beverage:
Coconut water

The song, mantra, or quote that you turn to when the run gets tough:
Everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

2:10 Pacer

Sara Bowman (Farmington, Michigan)


Farmington, MI, where I’m the Mayor Pro Tem on City Council

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my first half marathon, which was the Martian! Since then I’ve gone on to run about 30 half marathons, 17 marathons, and three 50K trail races. This year I’m embarking on my first 50 Miler at Run Woodstock. On non-run days, my hubby and I CrossFit together and attend our 16-year old son’s cross country, track and swim meets. 

Most memorable run or race:
Northface Challenge 50K at Bear Mountain – hardest thing I’ve ever done. Loved every minute.

Favorite post-run beverage:
A nice, cold beer.

The song, mantra, or quote that you turn to when the run gets tough:
The only run you’ll regret is the one you didn’t take.

2:20 Pacer

MATHEW WRIGHT - Okemos, Michigan

MatWright220pacerMost memorable run or race:
Crawling Crab Half Marathon in Hampton, Virginia. It was my first Half Marathon as a pacer!

Favorite post-run beverage:
Chocolate milk

The song, mantra, or quote that you turn to when the run gets tough:
I normally turn to memories of my family and friends that have been such a positive energy in my life.

2:30 Pacer

LAURA THOMPSON - Chicago, Illinois

LauraThompson 230PacerI am thrilled to be pacing this event for the 5th time. I attribute my marathon PR to running with a pace team, so pacing for this event allows me to pay it forward to other runners. I love running any distance one mile to marathon and have completed seven full marathons.

Most memorable run or race:
Martian 2018. The weather was tough, but you all were tougher!

Favorite post-run beverage:
A pint of just about any craft beer

The song, mantra, or quote that you turn to when the run gets tough:
If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.
Song: “Pump It” by the Black Eyed Peas

2:40 Pacer

CHARLES ESTEP - Chesterfield, MI

CharlesEstep 240PacerIt’s so great to get the chance to help others reach their goals. I started running back in January 2016 with a great group of runners. They helped me get started on my path to greatness. When I started pacing it felt so rewarding to help others achieve theirs. I will motivate and cheer you on the whole way to the finish line. 

Favorite place to run:  Anywhere on or by the water.

Favorite running mantra or motivational quote:  Never give up on your dreams.

2:50 Pacer


JasciaRedwine250pacerWhen I first started on my running journey, I had an image in my head of what a runner looked like. I felt like I did not belong to that group of people. When I was preparing for my first half marathon, having never even been to one before, I decided that I should volunteer at one first so that I would know what the experience looked and felt like. I can still remember that day, as I watched thousands of people work toward their goal of completing either a half marathon or full marathon. I saw people of all shapes and sizes, and that is when I realized that runners look like all of us. It was a defining moment.

Your most memorable run or race
My most memorable race was Flying Pig half marathon two years ago. I ran the entire race with friends, which made the miles fly by. Because the Pig is my hometown race, I see lots of friends along the course, either as fellow athletes, volunteers or cheerleaders.

Favorite post-run beverage:
Chocolate milk

The song, mantra, or quote that you turn to when the run gets tough:
Forward is a pace.

3:00 Pacer


SandyHugill300pacerI live in Columbus, OH where I works as an IT project manager. But my true passions are my hobbies: distance running, travel and visiting craft breweries. Whenever possible, I likes to combine all three into an epic adventure. I have run more than 60 half marathons and 80 marathons, including full marathons in all 50 states and in 12 countries. I am an RRCA Level 1 coach and blogs about her running (Sandy Runs) and brewery adventures (The Brewery Log). I love pacing at the back-of-the-pack, especially when helping a first-timer to complete their first race.

Your most memorable run or race:
2018 Marine Corps Marathon, where I co-paced the “Beat the Bridge” group with this year’s 2:50 Martian Half Marathon Pacer, Jascia.

Favorite post-run beverage:
Whatever beer is local, of course! Usually something juicy and refreshing like a New England IPA or hefeweizen.
The song, mantra, or quote that you turn to when the run gets tough:
I focus on counting down the miles, rather than counting up: “5 to go, 4 to go,” etc. Or I visualize the finish chute and all the spectators who will be there cheering me in.