JasciaRedwine250pacerWhen I first started on my running journey, I had an image in my head of what a runner looked like. I felt like I did not belong to that group of people. When I was preparing for my first half marathon, having never even been to one before, I decided that I should volunteer at one first so that I would know what the experience looked and felt like. I can still remember that day, as I watched thousands of people work toward their goal of completing either a half marathon or full marathon. I saw people of all shapes and sizes, and that is when I realized that runners look like all of us. It was a defining moment.

Your most memorable run or race
My most memorable race was Flying Pig half marathon two years ago. I ran the entire race with friends, which made the miles fly by. Because the Pig is my hometown race, I see lots of friends along the course, either as fellow athletes, volunteers or cheerleaders.

Favorite post-run beverage:
Chocolate milk

The song, mantra, or quote that you turn to when the run gets tough:
Forward is a pace.

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