Spirit Zones

Spread Some Martian Lovin’ Cheer at one of our Martian Marathon Spirit Zones!!

Get ready for a 2019 Martian Marathon that will be OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Runners, spectators and aliens alike will be talking about how they could hear the excitement from here to the moon! Here’s the scoop, we are designating special SPIRIT ZONES where groups can dress up and go crazy as the runners go by! Spirit Zone groups will be judged by the runners and prizes will be awarded to the top three Spirit Zones.

Last year hundreds of dollars in prize money was given to Spirit Zone Earthlings!

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E-mail dan@rfevents.com for more info!

Spirit Zones will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Use of Theme

Play your intergalactic jams, make signs and banners….better yet, create a unique theme that will shock and awe the runners keeping them smiling on their 26.2 mile venture! Your Spirit Zone is yours! Do whatever you can to make it fun, exciting and unforgettable for both your group and the runners! Spirit Zones must be registered to be eligible for prizes, so sign up your group today!


Spirit Zone locations vary. Please note, there are no Spirit Zones on the 5K course. Some Spirit Zones will see 10k, all will see half and full marathon. Check-in is around 7:30am and your group should plan on pumping up folks until 12:00-1:00pm. Yahoo!!

Prize money to be awarded to a non-profit or approved group of winner's choice!!


Music, Noise Makers
Cheers of Encouragement
Signs & Posters
How well you fit the theme
Bright Colored Clothing
Anything That Makes Them Laugh….
Maybe some candy;)

Think you are ready to join the intergalatic party??  E-mail dan@rfevents.com for more info!