The Martians will be invading Dearborn April 9, 2016!

Online registration is now closed. Click HERE for Late Registration and Expo info!


 Start and Finish at Ford Park in Dearborn - 500 Monroe St, Dearborn

Hail Earthlings:

16marsshirtWhy the Martians?  Click here for the illustrated story. Earth marathons have strange themes, with your flying pigs and your convoluted, NASA-calculated encounter projections. Our finest Martian philosophers and theologians are working tirelessly to compose our own (as you call it) "trash talk", which we will shower upon you most mercilessly once our planet's runners prove victorious in winning all the races and snagging all the prizes.

We also noticed the course map is now on your website. Using the MSA's (Martian Space Administration) spatial-relationship viewer, we see your course is free of dust and rock, perhaps a solid surface. It could be quite fast … interesting. Time will tell who ends up kicking whose …

The USATF certified course, is traffic free and fast. The  Kids' Martian Marathon will encourage health and fitness to children, check out the Martian Kid's link. Hope to see all of you there!



All the Martian courses are wide, traffic free, beautiful and lightly rolling and the marathon course is a Boston qualifier.

The marathon course is a BQ!!!

 Click here for more information on the course.

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