Race Date: Update

Hello faithful Martians,
We can’t believe it has been almost a year and we’re still navigating this new world. Mounting roadblocks have reached their peak for the 2021 Invasion. The most recent MHHSD Gathering and Face mask order limits outdoor events to 25 people (including staff and volunteers) through March 29th, and we have been advised by State Officials that this number will not rise significantly in April. This extends to attempting multiple day events, or multiple start times. The race course takes place on city and county roads, and we are unable to obtain permits or insurance at this time for an in person event. The health and safety of our staff, volunteers and participants is also a huge factor, and we do not believe hosting an event of this size would be an appropriate call.
We will be hosting the 2021 Martian Invasion of Races virtually. We are excited to offer you a week of virtual fun from May 1-8, 2021.
You can complete your virtual race from anywhere at any time during the event week. Just track your race time and distance with your preferred method (app, watch, etc.), then upload your data to the results website.
All participants will receive a sweet shirt, the Martian medal(s) you’ve all come to know and love, shipping, and a 24” alien! We will be hosting contests daily from May 1-8 for chances to win swag, as well as daily themes. Swag will be shipped and arrive to you by May 1st (within the US).

2021 Swag

If you can’t remember what the heck you’re registered for after all this time, check here: 2021 Deferral List . Any add on swag you purchased in 2020 will also be included in your race packet.
If you have friends or family who would like to join you in the virtual fun who were not deferred from the 2020 event, they may join in the virtual fun HERE. Registration will close March 19th, 2021 so that all swag can be ordered and shipped prior to the event.
Until we run again,
Randy, Anna, Mandy, Trevor, Gary, Jodi, Carrie, Amy, Dan, Ted, Chris, Kim and all of the amazing Volunteer Ground Control who work to make this magic happen.
Why can't you postpone or defer our entries? – With the cancelations and postponements of all but 2 events in 2020, we are no longer in a position to take the risk of holding out hope of hosting the event in person at a later date. We are excited to offer a fun, safe virtual event for you in 2021!
I see other races happening, how come this one can't? - We know there are events happening out there, and we understand how confusing this is. Unfortunately, due to the location of the Martian Invasion of Races, and the distances offered, we are unable to host this event because of permitting restrictions in this location. Without these permits, we are unable to obtain insurance. Smaller events are able to go on on private property with appropriate safety measures, but this event does not fit those qualifications.




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