Note on Course Construction

Regarding the Ford Road Construction and Hines Drive closure, have no fear! MDOT is aware of all of the earthlings passing through Ford. Rd and Hines Drive on April 9. It is in the construction plan to create a safe passable route for race day! If you are looking to pre-drive the course you will have to skip the section between Ford Rd and Outer Drive. It will be a race day surprise! Nanu. Nanu.

All the Martian courses are wide, traffic free, beautiful and lightly rolling.

Certification numbers are:

Meteor 10K - MI17008MN
Martian Half Marathon - MI12016MN

(Note: Once in our history (2013), Hines Drive was impassible due to flooding and alternate courses were used: Half Marathon - MI 13025 SH, Full Marathon - MI 13024 SH)

Course Maps:

Kids' Marathon



Half Marathon

Full Marathon


Note: The 10K and Half Marathon all leave and return to the Start/Finish via the same route. Please refer to the 10K online map (hint: use Full Screen) for a detailed view of the Start & finish.

Aid stations approximately every 2 miles with Absopure water and Gatorade. Two energy gel stops in the Half Marathon and four in the Marathon. Bathrooms every 5 miles, maybe even some real ones with flush toilets!

The only issue is gravity, which we are in process of correcting. Scientists from both Mars and Earth are working together on a diversionary, planetary, orbital plan that should reduce gravitational pull for up to 4 hours on race day. This displaced gravity will be transported by traditional warp methods to be distributed evenly over all other spring marathon dates. 

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