All the Martian courses are wide, traffic free, beautiful and lightly rolling.

Certification numbers are:

Meteor 10K - MI17008MN
Martian Half Marathon - MI12016MN

(Note: Once in our history (2013), Hines Drive was impassible due to flooding and alternate courses were used: Half Marathon - MI 13025 SH, Full Marathon - MI 13024 SH)

Course Maps:

Kids' Marathon



Half Marathon


Note: The 10K and Half Marathon all leave and return to the Start/Finish via the same route. Please refer to the 10K online map (hint: use Full Screen) for a detailed view of the Start & finish.

Aid stations approximately every 2 miles with Absopure water and Gatorade. Two GU stops in the Half Marathon. Bathrooms every 5 miles, maybe even some real ones with flush toilets!

The only issue is gravity, which we are in process of correcting. Scientists from both Mars and Earth are working together on a diversionary, planetary, orbital plan that should reduce gravitational pull for up to 4 hours on race day. This displaced gravity will be transported by traditional warp methods to be distributed evenly over all other spring marathon dates. 

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